Join our pageant system with  Crown, Sash, Title and Free Entry to the TCP Texas State Pageant. 

Simply register for an at large title with your county, area or city name for $100. 

Once you do you will then be mailed a prelim pageant crown, sash and given a free entry to the

Tx State Pageant in May 2017. 

With your crown and sash you can make appearances, participate in fun events such as parades and begin a year of fun!

Pageant titles are good for 12 months.  

Each month we will place orders for crowns and sashes that contestants order.  They will then be mailed to you within 4-5 weeks.  Sometimes sooner.   The last order for the year will be placed OCTOBER 31ST.   A lot cheaper than a prelim with all the optionals and extra fees.  Just no stage competition!!

Crowns and sashes vary in looks however are similar to those in the photo. 

Age Divisions:  0-12 mths; 2-3 years; 4-5 years; 6-9years; 10-12 years; 13-15 years; 16-19 years; 20 and up unmarried; 20 and up married; boys up to age 6. 

Enter here by  OCTOBER 31ST 

Include on order form Contestant Name, Current Age, and City or County.   Allow up to 4-5 weeks to receive your prizes. 

                                       **Titles NOT available:  Rivercity, Alamo Area, San Antonio, Bexar County, "